Deciding how to start designing, or re-designing your site or app can be tricky. We can help you do that with a tailored selection of our services to fit your exact requirements.

UX Design

This broad topic covers everything from organising the content structure (Information Architecture), to planning page layouts and micro-interactions.

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User Research & Testing

User research and testing are the keys to a successful product. We run in-person and remote user research and testing for sites and applications on all types of devices. No matter what stage your project is at, you can learn from your users to gain valuable insights.

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Expert Review

If you already have a site or app that’s not achieving all you want from it, an Expert Review is a great way to discover it’s strengths and weaknesses. The review can be done for a whole site for just a specific interaction. Whatever the scope, you’ll get a detailed report with actionable items for your team.

Combine analytics data with an Expert Review for an even deeper understanding of how your users experience your site.

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