Expert Review

Expert reviews are a great way to get started improving your product’s usability, or to focus in on specific issues. They are also faster and cheaper than user testing.

What is an Expert Review?

Expert reviews are when a usability expert uses your product and evaluates it against accepted standards.

Which standards are used?

Your interface will be reviewed in relation to usability and accessibility standards.

In addition to evaluating the main interactions and content, we’ll look at things like your navigation and information architecture, graphic design and colours.

We go one step beyond

While standard Expert Reviews will analyse the interface only, we combine analytics data in our Expert Reviews. This allows us to uncover behaviour patterns and trends that can lead to a better understanding of how your interface is serving your goals.

What you’ll get

The Expert Review is delivered in a detailed review document that:

  1. Provides clear explanations and examples of the issues found
  2. Assigns a severity to each issue to help you prioritise your tasks
  3. Offers actionable suggestions to resolve each of the issues

The findings of the Expert Review will be presented to you at an in-person (or remote) meeting, where we’ll be able to discuss the report. The document will be prepared as a pdf or slide deck, according to your preference.

An expert review can be more thorough and evaluate more parts of a user interface than in usability testing, finding a greater number of problems, because testing is usually limited in time and scope, focusing on certain tasks and parts of an interface.

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